Hello and welcome to my blog! This blog is mainly going to focus on cycling and all thing bike related, but from time to time be invaded by other interests as well, I’m going to be doing some product review as well as keeping you all updated on my riding adventures.

So a bit about my self my name is Mike I’m 31 and live on the central coast of California, I’m by no means a professional cyclist, I’m fairly new to the sport but have been riding bike most of my life, I was really in to BMX from the ages of 17-25 and decided to call it quits after the injuries caught up with me.

How I got in to road cycling was a fluke, My friend jake who I went to nursing school with got in to getting fit and healthy and I was also on the same health kick, I’ve dropped over 120lbs since I decided to change my life style and eating habits but that story is for a different time, when I ran in to Jake after graduating nursing school he told me he was getting in to cycling and triathlons and said he needed a training partner. Since I’m not a great swimmer and hate running I said I’d start biking with him.

So my search for a bike started, and where I start most of my searches for pretty much anything I went straight to Craigslist. I did go to some local bike shops and get a general idea of what size I was and what parts are good since I had no clue about any of that stuff. The guys at my LBS were more than helpful but most were bent o selling me a bike rather than getting me in to the sport.

So I used my new found knowledge and searched Craigslist for a few weeks until something caught my eye, I texted a kid about an older specialized allez epic this bike was nearly 20 years old but was in good shape it was a carbon frame bonded to aluminum lugg joints, it had full shimano 105 parts and decent wheels, so after taking it around the block a few time thinking I knew what I was doing I handed over 350 to this dirty hippy for my first road bike.

So after purchasing this bike I headed out on my first ride, I did about 3 miles which I was surprised about how fast it took me to do it, but in the way back I got a flat and being as experienced as I was didnt know I was riding on the rim, so after grinding up the rim for a bit I realized I had a flat and did the walk of shame home.

So I had extra tubes or a pump so I took my bike to the shop up the street from my house, they looked it over and told me I needed a new chain cassette and a tuneup, so much for getting a good deal that stupid hippy ripped me off, so after 120$ I was back on the road again.

So my first real ride was with my buddy jake we did a 13 mile loop around the town we live in, I was stoked i felt like a real cyclist we rode hard and had a blast and I knew after that I was hooked, so wanting to become a more legit cyclist I looked for some clipless pedals and shoes, so I checked a couple LBS and decided on the shimano a 530 it was a combo platform and spd pedals, so being on a pretty tight budget I looked on eBay and found them for about 40% off retail so I picked those op and a pair of pearl Izumi shoes for about 80$ for that pair.

I was nervous as hell about riding clipped in, i had never done it before and I was pretty intimidated by it, so I was given a few pointers by some more experienced cyclists, first pointer was you will fall riding clipped in, in most cases it’s not unclipping before you get to your stop and you just fall over to one side, which did happen to me more than once, the second tip was to plan your stops and unclip before you get to your stop. Those are my 2 most valuable tips to pass along.

So now being pretty set to go ride I was riding a bit further each time, still on the look out for good used gear I browsed Craigslist daily for cool stuff, my first score was a seat bag with 2 tubes and a multi bike tool tire levers and a co2 inflater for 20$ now I was able to handle most any road side break down, I highly suggest always carrying at least 1 tube a way to inflate it pump or co2 inflater, tire levers and a muliti tool with Allen key and Phillips and flat head screwdrivers. Some guys will carry extra spokes and what not but this is what I carry. One other thing I suggest is a good floor pump with a pressure gauge, it a must before every ride to atleast check it before every ride.

So after riding this bike for a few months I decided it was time to upgrade to something a bit more modern and awesome, I had become pretty attached to this bike but it was starting to show it’s age, my main issue with it was that it had down tube shifters or suicide shifters being that you had to take your hands off the bars to shift, and it wasnt reall cost effective to upgrade it. So I set out on a new quest to look for a new bike!




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