Gear review seasucker mini bomber bike rack


This is my first product review post and it’s going to be on a great product made by the guys at seasucker, their based out of Flordia and their product is American made. They make a few different products from kayak, surf racks, ski and snow board racks to iPod and iPad mounts and various cup holders and pole holders for marine applications, they used a patented vacuum cup technology that is similar to what they use to pick up large panes of glass and even pull dents on cars.

I looked online at all the reviews and after reading a lot of good feedback i decided to take the plunge and purchase one, I had some issues with the clear coat on my car so I thought it might be an issue, I sent an email to their customer service and received a response the same day, I corresponded back and forth and even sent a few pics to them so they could get an idea of what I was dealing with. They advised me it would work if I found a spot with no bubbles or clear coat edges.

So I paid the 375$ for the minibomber it holds 2 bikes and can be set up to hold three, the design of the rack is great it’s made from 3/4″ plastic and has 4 6″ vacuum cups attached and a single cup and Velcro strap for the rear wheel
The rack came disassembled I had to bolt down the fork mounts and it was pretty much ready to go. I mounted the main part of the rack on my back window, and the rear tire cup to the trunk. Mounting was as simple as wiping the area clean with water and and the cups to ensure a proper seal, the rack literally mounts in less than a minute and i was off and ready to go!

My trip was about 45 miles away from me at freeway speed of about 65-75, the rack was solid didn’t sway at all and the rack it self didn’t budge at all. This thing really surprised me it super easy to use really quick to install and can be used on almost any car or SUV even, Ive only been using it for a few weeks but I don’t have on bad thing to say about it, ill will be updating this post in the future and give another rating as of now I score it a 4.5 out of 5 minus half a point only because of the price, so check these guys out for all your bike kayak surfboard ski and snowboard rack needs. Check out their web site at





11 thoughts on “Gear review seasucker mini bomber bike rack

    • These guys have done a great job engineering this thing, the have pumps to get all the air out and if it’s loosing pressure you will see a orange safety band on the pump showing u need to pump out the air, I’ve installed it @630am temp 40 degrees and drove 4 hours and had a 45 degrees temp change and it worked flawlessly

    • totally i use it all the time I’ve driven for 3-4 hours at high way speeds not one issue! i keep it in the rear to my car great alternative for roof racks. I’ve had my 3800$ scott addict up there with my specialized enduro pro its a great system thats well engineered, people were scared to ride carbon bike when the came out too, now they have full carbon 6 inch travel mtn bikes, if your on the fence about it i highly encourage you to take the plunge!

    • exactly i was looking at thule and yakimia racks when i came across this product, its great for some one who doesn’t need a roof rack every day, fit in the trunk and won’t take and mpg off from wind drag when no tin use! I’m actually thinking of doing an update since its been over a year now since did the review

  1. I had mine for two years, I have used in weather from 110 degrees, to rain, both on a two and a half hour trip, no problems.

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