Old and busted, to new hotness!!!


Hello everyone im back after taking a fewdays off. This post i will be explaining how to build a fairly nice bike on a modest budget, as you know in started out on an early 90’s specialized epic carbon, this was a great bike to get into cycling it was light handled well and was pretty durable, me being 6’0″ 270 I’m no feather weight, but I really wanted to step in the the new millennium, so i searched for weeks on Craigslist and found many nice bike but they were just a bit to much out of mtn budget. So from there I went on eBay and i bid on quite a few bike before I found my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

So after looking for weeks I made and offer on a 2012 felt f75 and the seller accepted my offer of 600$ plus 50$ shipping, after researching and googling reviews this bike came back with great reviews and getting it for over 1000$ off retail price I couldn’t really go wrong. This bike came within shimano 105 running gear (shifters/ break levers, front and rear derailers) felt ttr4 aero wheels carbon felt fork and aluminum frame, bars,stem, seatpost and a fsa omega crank with a BB30 bottom bracket.

So my first purchase on upgrading my bike was a used bontrager xxx carbon stem

20130321-144115.jpg retail new on a bontrager stem is 2-250$ I paid 60$ shipped, it wa sa super good deal and would make a good addition to my bike, I then went looking for a full carbon seat post and aget bidding on quite a few I finally won a cannondale c2 carbon seat post, the weight saving was fairly dramatic I won this post for 30$ shipped which was a super good deal.


I then looked for a decent set of wheels, I looked both on Craigslist and eBay but wasnt finding to much luck, then one day i found a set on eBay and by chance the the seller was local, they were a nice set of dura ace carbon tubular wheels a few years old but in good shape, they were slightly out of my price range and honestly a bit too nice for the riding i do, but the seller had another set of wheels for sale a set of easton ec60 in good shape les than 100 miles, and for only 150$ they were defiantly in my price range!


After scoring those wheels i decided to sell my old wheels on eBay, after listing them a couple times i finally sold them for 175$, so deciding to roll that money over in to more parts i put in a bid on a sram red carbon crank, i was able to pick it up for 160$ shipped and it matched my bottom bracket so the swap was fairly easy.


So after that I was on the hunt for a set of nice carbon bars, I had been looking for some nice carbon bars for a while but getting out bit along the way, until I bit on a set of fsa k force 44cm carbon bars in pretty good shape, just some minor marks from being mounted before.


So now I stockpiled all these parts I took them to my LBS to be put on, and while it was a fairly light and responsive bike before the amount of weight that was cut with the new bars, stem, crank, seat post and wheels were quite dramatic weighing at 18.8lbs stock I was weighing in at 16.2 almost 2.5 lbs of weight saving not to shabby for a budget build!


So I hope this helps anybody who tring to put together a bike on a budget, it shows if you have a bit of patience you can put together a pretty nice bike on the cheap! I’d like to thank the guys at Flanders bike shop in San Luis obispo ca for wrenching on my bike great guys great service and prices on all bike related gear go check them out the next time your in slo http://flandersbicycle.com/


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