Sea otter classic 2013 part 1 (holy cow!)


I set off the the 2013 sea otter classic at 6am on Friday the 4/19, I had a quick 2 and 20 min drive to Laguna seca race way, I had no idea what was I store for me. I was invited to this event by a buddy of mine I haven’t seen in a few years Noah, we played in a band together a few years ago and he had noticed I was posting some rides on face book.

I get to campground H at Laguna seca recreational center and I immediately notice that I’m in the minority with my road bike, 90% of the campers were all xc or downhill mountain bikers. I was the odd man out but the guys from one subject made me feel like part of the crew, check out their Facebook and buy a shirt or a truck tailgate rack, all locally made in san Luis obispo with materials made in the USA as well.

As I get registered for the half century grand fondo and get my pit pass to the venders I walk through the gates and immediately get sensory over load! Their were over 300 venders from large bike company’s specialized, giant, trek, and felt, to the smaller company’s BMC, Santa Cruz, and kona. And then there were the super boutique bikes company’s like alaboo and calfee design which incorporated actual bamboo in their frames

Those frames were absolutely amazing.

Another cool booth i came across was these hand made wooden helmets very cool and also very expensive, they are made in Oregon and the woods were sourced locally


Everyone at the booths were more than willing to talk and chat about bikes, I searched for the felt bikes booth eager to show off my budget build, I talked with Eddie of felt bikes and was stoked to see what I had built and for the price and as a reward he gave me a sweet felt bikes shirt. I also spied the felt Argos team bike while I was at their booth

20130421-163353.jpg what i wouldn’t give to have that sweet ride!

I also checked out the sram and shimano booth and picked up some sweet swag, I talked with one of the guys from sram and asked him about my chain issues he gave me a few tips along with a nice sram trucker hat


Half of the fun was getting all the cool swag I managed to get my fair share but the best score of the trip was a pair of Michelin pro 4 endurance tires that were comped to me by Ralph from Michelin along with some Michelin man socks!! Best score of the trip by far, I will be doing a separate review on those in my up coming posts. They came in handy for the half century grand fondo I did, needless to say they have gained a coustomer for life!!!


Well I have a tone more to share so stay tuned, and more product reviews one the horizon! Just want to say thanks to my buddy Noah and all the one subject crew for the invite. I will defiantly be back next year and will be prepared next time for the awesomeness


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