New build!


Well it’s been a few weeks since I last posted and I’m glad to announce that I’m doing my first frame up build! The above picture I posted is a pic I found of the exact frame I purchase at a bike swap in Paso Robles ca last week. My goal is to get mine to look as close as I can to the pic. This is what I have so far


So far I have the frame, a 55.5cm giant bowery which I picked up for 50$ a set of specialized bull bars which I picked up from a swap meet at my local bike shop Flanders for 2$, thanks to Sean and John for putting it on, a felt stem which was a take off from my felt f75, a pair of campy centaur crank arm which I got new for 10$, and a pair of bar end break levers also for 10$, stock felt seat which was a take off, and a chain also a take off

The direction I want to take this build is pretty similar to the pic, I want it be be a single speed but not fixed, I also have 2 breaks and the rear will most likely be a flip flop hub, every thing else will be fairly similar in looks, my goal is to do this build for as cheaply as possible, so far my biggest expense will be for wheels, so I’ve been searching eBay and Craigslist for a decent set of wheels. Other parts ill need will be a fork, haven’t decided if I want carbon or steel yet, a bottom bracket, seatpost, head set, and a pair of breaks and a set of pedals. This bike is being intended for around town and coffee runs, and leisurely rides prob under 10 miles, this is actually my second frame up build the first being a volume BMX bike that I built about 10+ years ago, this bike being pretty similar to a BMX bike I’m looking forward to getting back to my roots. Well ill post an update when the parts start coming in. Stoked to be doing an awesome build


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