Giant bowery frame up build



As you can see the finished product is something I’m quite proud about, this build has been a learning experience for me, this bike came together nicer than I thought it ever could. I started this build a couple months ago after I bought a set of cranks and bars at a bike swapmeet that my local shop hosted. Without any clear direction I began the hunt for a frame.


The bottom pic was how I bought the frame, as bare as could be no decals nothing, I picked up the frame at another bike swap for 50$, I was looking for a steel track frame but fate crossed this polished aluminum beauty across my path and i couldn’t turn it down. The frame is a 55.5 giant bowery track frame, it’s super light weight and has track dropouts perfect for my single speed coffee getter. After buying the frame I came across a pic of a bowery that was built just the way I wanted to do mine so I used it a template for my build that’s the top pic in the above pic.

So after visiting two bike swapmeets I had a frame, a pair of bars, pair of bar end brake levers and the stem and seat from my felt f75. After my swapmeet scores I went to the local bike kitchen to hunt for more parts, I came up on a bottom bracket, seatpost and clamp for 20$ which was a killer deal.

I then wheat up to Sacramento on vacation and was Introduced to their awesome bike scene, I was on the hunt for a few key items, one being a campy chain ring to work with my campy crank and the other being a fork to work with the frame I bought, I ended up finding a few things up there like a generic carbon for for 50$ and a set of brakes for 20$. I ended up having to order a chain ring off eBay for 20$ which fit the campy crank I bought.

Getting close to finishing the build I still needed a wheel set, I had noticed a nice wienman wheel set at my local shop and ask about a price, they said they had been there for a while so they woud give me a killer deal. I wound up getting the wheel set for 165$ which doubled how much I already had In to the bike.


After getting almost all the parts, I was still without a headset, I did a mock assembly to get an idea of how it would look. I was stoked to see it come together so quickly and how nice it was taking shape, but I was still looking for a headset, that’s where I was having problems. The bowery being an integrated headset head tube I needed just the right head set, I had to have the owner of my local shop to contact giant and order a headset directly from them.


With the last piece of the puzzle acquired I set out to start assembly. The bike went together fairly smooth not running in to too many problems


I was super stoked to see it finally start to come together, I bought some Michelin 700×28 whitewall tires to go on the blue anodized rims, which looked awesome. After assembling all I could i took it over to my local shop to get it fine tuned, I took it there to have the bars wrapped and the brake lines installed and they also cut the steer tube down and added spacers on the stem to give it the right height. I spent 70$ to have the brake lines run and the bars wrapped and a tune up to make sure all the bolt were tight.


After seeing the finished product I was really happy how it turned out it was a bit more than I wanted to spend but I came out of it with a totally custom bike. The following is a breakdown of the cost of the bike to build

Bottom bracket-15$
Bars-2$ yes 2$ from a swapmeet
Bar end brake levers-10$
Seatpost clamp-2$
Pedals-free from a good friend
Pedal cages-10$
Brake set-20$
Bar tape and brake lines-35$

Bringing the total to just under 500$ not bad for a fully custom single speed bike with nicer parts. This has been a great build where i have learned a lot. I was stoked with the final product and hope to put a lot of miles on this bike in the future, keep checking back to see what my next build or product review will be. Thanks for taking a look at my blog