Gear review! Cool tools!



When you build a totally 100% custom frame up bike build you can guarantee you will run in to a few bumps along the way. I’ve been lucky with this build the only problem I had was that the non-drive side crank arm was coming loose.

My current multi tool didn’t have an 8mm Allen on it so I was taping the one from my tool kit to my seat rail. I wanted to find a good multi tool with a 8mm Allen on it. So I went over to my LBS flanders bicycles in san Luis obispo and took a look at their tool section

I found the crank brothers m-10 multi tool. It had everything I needed and was a decent price too. At under 20$ you get a lot of tool for the price, ten to be exact, it’s light enough and still strong enough to torque down large crank bolts, it’s extremely well made and look cool too. Crank broshave a variety of multi tools to fit any need they have an m-5,10,17 and 19 the 17 and 19 having chain breaker tools and spoke wrenches. So out all their products which are all high quality and well made.


The next tool I have for review is the pedros trixie tool made especially for fixed and single speed bikes. This tool is a sleek durable and very usefull tool, it features a 15mm closed end wrench as well as an 8,9 and 10mm along with a 5mm Allen head, and a track lock ring wrench, not running a fixed drive train
I haven’t yet used the lock ring wrench yet, and most importantly a bottle opener!


The other product I used from pedros was their tire levers. These levers are super beefy and slide well along the rim and come in cool colors, they totally smoked the other levers I’ve used before. I always manage to break other levers but these are the real deal a bit on the expensive side at 4$ a piece but totally worth it, go check out pedros for their full product line.