I want a city like this…

I want a city like this….


i saw this as i was scrolling through my feed today, i usually don’t rebolg other people posts but i really liked this one. I’m currently looking to move closer to my job so i can bike commute to work, i live about 15 miles from work and its just a bit to far to commute to, id be a sweaty mess by the time i got there. ideally  id like to live with in 5 miles of my job i can smash out 5 miles in about 20 min, longer for a mandatory coffee stop, but i look forward to one day biking to work.

One step forward, two steps back….

Happy new you all,

had grand plans for this year all which have been put on hold for the time being. I planned to ride 1000 miles this year and drop the weight i gained as a result on not being able to work out or ride. Last week i saw my pain management Dr when i had gotten steroid shots in my lower back to reduce inflammation in the 2 bulging discs in my L4 and L5 vertebrate. The injections worked great and reduced the pain in my lower back considerably. My Dr gave me the go ahead to start working out normally and riding again for the first time since late july. I signed up for a 30 day fitness challenge and made plans to go out on my usual ride. So the following sat i set out for my first real ride in almost six months, as result of not being able to work out i gowned almost 20 lbs i was determined to drop through diet and exercise. That decision proved to be a terrible one…

I set out on my usual ride and was about 6 miles in to the 25 i normally ride, when a car traveling next to me decided to make a right hand turn in front of me as i was going aprox 30+ mph, i had very little time to react which left me no other option to plow straight in to the passenger side of he car. As i picked my self up off the ground i was obviously in a great deal of pain, i noticed my right elbow was bleeding quite profusely along with my right knee. The driver who did stop and am thankful for apologized and stated several times that they didn’t see me, me being 6’0″ 285 lbs and wearing a neon green and blue cycling kit as well as having my headlight and tail light on and blinking. All i could think about after self assessing my body was how bad would this make my previous injuries worse.

Not only was my bike in shambles but now the adrenaline was wearing off and my injuries were starting to show them self. My elbow seemed to be the worst but the but my compression sleeve hid the fact that i was bleeding like a stuck pig. The person who hit me offered me a ride home, so I crammed my busted bike in the trunk of her car and she dropped my off at my house. When i got home the shock of the event  was wearing off and I decided to call the local pd and report it. After I reported what happened i drove my self to the hospital where i was treated for my injuries. i hand mostly some road rash and bruises but my elbow required more attention 6 stitches more attention to be exact.



So the damage to my bike look pretty extensive the front rim is pretty tacoed which suck because i recently upgraded fro the easton ea50 to a nice set of mavic ksryium elite which rolled rather nice for the first 6 miles i rode them. My saddle WTB silverado which i had done so much test riding for was toast, the FSA k force light bars were cracked and both of my shifters are garbage, i also suspect my rear shimano 105 derailer took a fair bit of abuse and is also junk now, the front end too most of the damage but until i take it to my  mechanic i can only see the main stuff. All in all I’m pretty lucky to walk away from this, my bike and all the parts on it are replaceable my health on the other hand is not. My bell sweep xc did a great job of keeping my head in one piece as it bounced off the car door and the asphalt. As careful as you are when your riding you can’t take account for the one person who’s not paying attention. If this has taught me anything its to always be aware of you surrounding and don’t think people can obvious see you always assume that they can’t. No one is responsible for you safety except for you! So as a new year is upon us I will be updating more frequently than i have in the past. Stay tuned for my coverage of my second year of the sea otter classic, I’ve already reserved my campsite and hopefully ill be able to ride the coastal fondo route. If you make it out to the seaotterclassic come by my camp for a refreshing adult beverage.