The $3500 decision…

Its been about 6 weeks since my bike was met with the business end of a ford festiva and in between emailing my attorney and going to Dr’s visits I’ve had quite a bit of time to research new bikes. With an approximate budget of $3500 i found that i had a wide variety to choose from. With my home bike shop being a Giant, Scott, and Willier dealer i decided to start there. I immediately ruled out Willier based on price alone, they are about 20% more for a similar bike from a bigger manufacture.



So i moved on next to Giant, one of the big “three”(giant,trek,specialized the cycling industry and for good reason their bikes are amazing!!! my 2 choices from Giant are the TCR advanced 1 and the propel advanced 3. The TCR is full ultegra 11 speed, with giant psl-1 wheels, carbon frame bike that weighs in at a hair over 16lbs with out pedals. The propel advanced 3 the a 105 bike carbon aero frame with giant p-a2 aero wheels. The TCR retails for $3200 and the propel retails for $3000 so for 200$ you can get an 11 speed ultegra group, the propel advanced 2 which has ultegra and nice carbon aero wheel set is $4800 quite a jump from $3000



Next i looked at the Scott Addict 10, a full uletgra bike with a syncros rp1.5 wheel set and a carbon frame. The addict is similar in price to the the TCR coming in around $3400 this is fist off a great looking bike coming in a flat black with glossy white trim, its a sexy looking bike and looks fast standing still. This bike weighs in at 15.64lbs!!!! An incredibly light bike for the money, Scott has been in the bike business since the 80’s and has been making sporting equipment since the mid 50’s. With my home bike shop being a dealer for both Giant and Scott these will be my best chance of getting the best deal. That being said i still had to check out a few more bikes


So going under cover to a couple other local bike shops i checked out the other 2 of the “big 3” so i next checked out Trek and i was not disappointed. Trek has 2 awesome models the year that fit right in to my budget. Trek has for 2014 the madone 4 series and the dormane 4 series, the madone being similar to the TCR in that its a more racier style bike the. The madone 4.7 is a full ultra bike with 400 series carbon frame and bontrager race wheels. The dormande, treks newest bike introduced in 2012/13 is Treks comfort/endurance bike. the dormande has a “pivot” where the eat tube and the top tube come together and make for a extremely comfortable and road dampening ride. But don’t let the comfort/endurance title fool you this is a race bike in disguise, this bike is just as at home on at 100 century ride as a weekend race.  While there is no listed weight for the madone or the dormnde the are very similar to the giant tar and scott addict. Another option for trek thats bumps up the price 500$ is the 5 series madone and dormane which giv es you better quality carbon frame and nicer rims as well. Lots of options from trek, and something new from trek this year is “Trek care plus” which is pretty much apple care for you bike which cover all normal maintenance and accidental damage coverage for all new trek bikes. $300  and no deductible covers 3 years of treks version of apple care.



Since my first “real” road bike i ever bought was my now dead felt f 75 I decided to go check out and see what felt had to offer. Felt had 2 models that fit what i was looking for, first is there AR model the ar4 “ar” standing for aero the ar4 is a full ultegra bike with shimano rs-31 wheels, this bike is a bit heaver than the TCR by about 1.5lbs coming in at about 17.7lbs. Its a very nice looking bike with great line and nice paint job as well and comes in at $3499. The other bike in Felts line up is the felt f4. The f4 is 2 steps above my current f-75 model its also a full ultegra bike with a shimano rs21 wheel set and weighs in at 16.8 lbs alb lighter the the ar4 and about even with the TCR. If you guys have any suggestions for me id love to hear them and check them out, I’m all about supporting local bike shop so where ever i do buy my next bike from it will me local




14 thoughts on “The $3500 decision…

  1. I like the Felt F4 and the Scott. That said, you can also get a Specialized Venge Ultegra for $3,400 – I absolutely love mine (I have the Elite 105’s $3,100 but upgraded the wheels 16.8 lbs).

    Either way, gotta love shopping for a new ride, though your circumstance may dampen the mood a bit. Good luck!

    • yeah i really like felt as a company my f-75 was an amazing first “real” road bike the f4 is 200 cheaper than the TCR, the scott is an amazing bike it hits all the marks light in my budget and sold at my local bike shop, I’m still so undeceive, I have yet to check out a specialized dealer in person yet only online, but specialized is one of the big 3 so i can’t really go wrong either

      • I got lucky with my Venge. I wasn’t even shopping for a new bike. One day I walked into the shop and there it was. I just had to have it. Took me eight months to scrounge the money together but I did. Good luck and enjoy the shopping.

  2. Wow, I am sure whatever you decide, you will get a truly amazing bike. All of the options listed above would be a killer ride. Do you have any other local bike shops around? Are you going to look at the likes of Cannondale etc?

    All the best,

    • havent checked out a cannondale dealer yet but its on my list, the small shops around here carry a lot of european and italian bike like BMC, Willier, cervelo, coloanglo etc
      which id love to have but i think i can get more bike for my buck my sticking to one of the “big 3” (giant, trek, specialized) or a domestic company felt, cannondale scott

  3. I am a big fan of Trek bikes and last year I bought a new Trek Domane 5.2 to replace my older Trek Madone 5.2. I use this bike mainly for long road rides, including more than a few Century rides, and am really glad I made this choice. Thought the Madone is usually thought of more for racing and the Domane for rough roads, I’ve found that my average speed actually increased after I bought the Domane (and I get home feelings a lot better than before).

    • yeah i really liked the domane and the fact that they do their own version of “apple care” on their bikes, down side is my regular bike shop isn’t a trek dealer, they primarily carry Giant and Scott, and can get BMC and Willier too, but I’m defiantly not ruling out Trek

  4. I’m currently having the same problem but choosing between Kuota KOM or the Scott Addict. Love to know what you decide – I’m leaning toward the Addict.

    • I haven’t checked out the kuota but the addict is top notch! I’m having a hard time deciding between that and a giant tcr advanced sl 3, and a giant defy sl 1 my LBS sells both Scott and giant so they said they can get rather close to the price of each other, within about 100$ so price isn’t an issue, I should be choosing something this week hopefully, I’ll post what I bought

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