And the winner is……


So after much research and many test rides a decision has been made. I decided to buy a scott addict 10 to replace my felt f-75 that was killed in my car crash. I rode 3 other bikes before deciding on the addict, the bike i almost went with was the giant TCR advanced 3, if it wasn’t for the color (white base with lime green and grey accents) it would have been a different story, another reason i went with the addict is because of the traditional style seat post the TCR  has a seat mast that has to be cut for the person which makes resale quite difficult. bottom line the addict had all the right selling points, clolor- flat black, with match any kit i can ever go with, traditional seat post- makes resale and fitment way easier and price 250 less than the TCR advanced 3. The addict was also the snappiest quickest bike i test rode, every pedal stroke seemed to push you farther than you expect, the addict is an extremely light bike too only 15.6lbs with out pedals. otter bikes i tested were the giant defy. The defy was a very comfortable and stable bike but lacked the snappy quciknees of the addict and the TCR. Although the defy was a great bike to ride it just wasn’t for me. So after debating back and forth between the addict and the TCR i decided to choose the more “practical” choice, and by practical i mean the fact that it would be more desirable,color seat post, if and when i ever do sell it, not any time soon thats for sure!


Not being ever properly fitted for a bike this was a new experience for me, they set it up they way i had my old felt set up, seat height and stem angle and bar position, then had me hop on the trainer and pedal. So Sean took out his laser and angle finder and fine tuned this sweet ride to fit me like a glove. He raised the saddle 2cm and moved it back .5cm this made a huge improvement. After adjusting the bike he had me hop in it again and spin in a few time to see how it felt. Now the addict was fitting me like a glove, i never knew what a huge difference a proper fitting could make till now. I’m excited to see how this bikes rides on my favorite rides and compare times and speeds against my old felt f-75.


While the Addict is pretty much flawless i decided to add a couple upgrades, i decided to go with a whole new pedal system i went with speedplay zero pedals after many rides through the city of stop and go where i was try to hit the pedal after the light was turning green. While these will take some getting used to i think ill like them a lot based on the fact that they are dual sided alone! I’m going to have to ride these for a while and put some miles down before i do a full review but all i can say for now it that the few min in the trainer i liked what i experienced. The other upgrade i made was a pair of Arundel carbon water bottle cages, i was going to uses regular nylon cages on this bike at first but i just couldn’t bare to see non carbon on this bike, at just 30g each these cages are light flexible and really easy to get the bottle in and out, ill also be doing a full review of these as well once i put them to the test. And now a few more pics of my new obsession




6 thoughts on “And the winner is……

  1. Hello I am looking at either the 2015 Addict, same as yours mostly or the Solace 15 disc. The local dealer also carries Cannondale Synapse Ultegra Disc but no discount on those and its 1K more than the Addict that is currently at 3K. The Solace is 2700 after I update the Crank/casset to all Ultegra. I am 6’1 225lb and squat over 600lb, play Judo and Ski hard. I am leaving my LiteSpeed Catalyst after trying a Centry (TwinLites NJ) ride I was talked into and loved. I am thinking 1.5 hour rides 2x a week and doing 6 events a year. No racing but I like to pass everyone I can and push all the way till my legs fall off. Love downhill speed most but wanted a bike that climbs better than the Litespeed. Looking to you for a long term update on your nice ride. It is very classy looking!!

    • So the addict is a race geometry and the solace is a “road comfort/endurance” that being said i have my addict set up with the stem flipped up and the bars tilted up slightly to give a more relaxed ride. That being said i have ridden it in a metric century (60 miles) and it was very comfortable. the only thing i did to my addict was change the stock saddle and i had a nce set of hand built wheels made. Im 6’0″ 275lbs and the bike handles very well. Have you ridden the addict or the solace? i test road a few different bikes giant tcr advances sl, scott addict, giant defy, and ultimately chose the addict based one performance and looks the TCR had a terrible paint scheme and a seat mast opposed to a seat post. The addict is a very high performance bike and the solace is slightly less performance but more comfortable. I would also see which bike you would be less likely to have to put money in to.Between the addict and the solace i would say the addict is a better climber. Hope this helped if you have any more questions let me know!

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