Product review Levi’s Commuter series!!!!


Levis have always been a popular commuting choice for many cyclists and Levis finally took notice, well almost 3 years ago to be exact but whos counting. Levis have been making their commuter series jeans and jackets since 2011 with great reviews from casual and hardcore city cyclists. I’ve been wearing them for a little over a year now and i love them, I’m I’m not wearing a regular kit I’m wearing some sort of commuter short and or jacket. Levis really hit the nail on the head with these and they really take all the feedback from the reviews to make the new collections better than the last. My collection of commuter gear has grown from 1 pair of shorts and pant and a jacket to 3 jackets 2 pairs of shorts and 5 pairs of pants (3 pairs of 511’s and 2 pairs of 505’s).


I like the commuters so much i wear them to work almost every day, that pants are reinforced in the seat where it counts and have heavy duty belt loops with smaller loops for a shoelace belt makes it extra handy when your riding and don’t want a belt to get in the way but sill can keep your pants up. One of the coolest features is also a safety feature that is on the jacket and the pants is 3m reflective tape on the pants cuff and on the back of the jacketImage


Another great feature Levi’s did was to do water-resistant and dirt repellent “nano sphere protective” finish which makes them easy to clean and great for the rain and 98% Cotton, 2% Elastane which gives to some much needed room when your riding. The commuter truckers have larger shoulders and longer sleeves and longer tail and 3 pockets on the rear, the brand new one only have one i have the older series, along with a phone pocket with a headphone hole to guide the headphones through




The pants all come with their trade mark commuter u-lock holder on the waist band which is quite handy! They also come in a few different cuts as well, they come in 510 skinny fit, 511 slim fit, 508 regular taper and 504 regular straight. i switch between the 511 and the 508 only because i prefer the more tapered leg, i have 2 pairs of the 504 but i had them tailored to fit like the 508. Another nice feature Levi’s did was to give them a odor-resistant sanitized protective finish, which is rather nice after commuting for 8-10 miles meaning you don’t have to wash them after every ride, in fact Levi’s recommends not to wash them to often. The shorts are pretty much the same as the pants just with out legs they feature all the same things as the pants but they only come in the 511 and the 511 trouser style





Levi’s really got it right on this one, most urban cycling clothing cost 2-3 times as much but they not only got it right in function and looks but they kept it a reasonable price too, and if you check out the Levi’s website you can always find good deals and you can sign up to get email discounts for up to 30% off that some times includes already on sale! Check out Levi’s commuter and see what they got for this season!





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