company spotlight fairdale bikes! part 1

Fairdale is the brain child if ex pro BMXer Taj Mihelich, sidelined by injuries but still wanting to stay in the bike industry Taj started fairdale in 2010. After being dropped by Giant BMX after the dissolution of the BMX team, he’s still very involved in BMX hosting the annual texas toast jam. He’s no stranger to running a bike company he along with fellow pro BMXer Joe Rich ran Terrible One from 98′-06′, Terrible one was one of the best BMX companies of the late 90’s to mid 2000’s making the 21″ barcode frame and various T-1 bars which where noted for there extreme strength.

Taj has taken a unique way of marketing and promoting his bikes he’s uses a lot of humor and a lot of his dog monte in his advertisements. Fairdale is a small but quickly growing company with a sold line up of frames and accessories they only stand to grow bigger as times goes on. Part 2 will show case the fairdale models and clever advertisements but for now take a look at the r&d video from them and see what their up to


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