company spotlight fairdale bikes part 2


Part 2 in my Fairdale bikes spotlight will focus on their current line up. Fairdale has a current roster of 10 models,some of which are women’s versions, of complete bikes and 4 frame sets.



Their flagship model pictured above it the flyer a single speed split top tube cruzer, the definition of simplicity, fair dale describes the flyer as “It’s a simple bike so there’s nothing to complicate the joy of a nice bike ride. Quality Continental tires, comfy Fairdale seat and Odyssey brakes are some of this bike’s great parts. Just hop on and go… no need to over think this.” and at $459 its a steal, the flyer also come in a  internal 3 speed version for an extra $100 bucks.




The next model fairdale makes is the weekender the being the drop/disc model a 2×9 shimano sora avid bb7 disc brake set up, comes with 37 mm wide continental tires and full chromolly frame, fender and rack mounts makes this a perfect platform for a pretty in expensive touring bike, the weekender retails for $1199. this frame also comes in a version with archer bars and canti brakes for $850 a greal bike for commuting to work or “weekend” getaways




The next bike on their roster is the fairdale coster, the coster is as no nonsense as you can get, they describe it as “You’ll smile if you ride this bike. With the Shimano coaster brake it is a joy to ride. The Fairdale seat and Archer bars somehow add up to make this bike magic. Classic and uncluttered cycling on this bike is a delight!” it has a freaking coaster brake!!! you can do some sweet skid stops like when you were a kid!!!!




Next model up in fairdales line is the parser, billed as there single speed cyclocross style bike its come fixed or with a free hub and with an integrated head set and a chromoly frame make this a great bike for cyclocross. Heres what the guys from fair dale say about itAll butted chromoly frame, integrated headset, Continental tires, Fairdale cranks with a sealed outboard bottom bracket, and TWO cogs on the sealed rear cassette hub. That way you can easily set the bike up for whatever terrain you might come across. Cyclocross style canti-brakes and rack / fender mounts make this a great all around bike” and retailing at $749 its an affordable option for a starter cycloscross bike




next up is the signature series “Taj”, the Taj the a throwback to the 80’s BMX cruiser days, the taj is a 26″ full chromoly beast of a bike. heres what the fairdale guys said about it “It’s all chromoly frame, fork and handlebar were built to last. The Taj’s curb-hopping and wheelie-popping geometry was great for cruising and having fun. The Odyssey parts, Maxxis 26” tires and the sealed chromoly crankset made this one quality package.” with a retail of $599  makes it a perfect sunday funday bike for hit tree root jumps



Last on the list is the weekender og a combo of the wekender canti/drop disc, its pretty much different bars and levers but same mechanical disc brakes and a single crank set heres what fairdale says about it “The Weekender could be a legitimate replacement for a car, a weekend getaway machine or just a fun bike to ride around. Reliable SRAM powered 1×9 shifting is simple to use, just one thumb shifter takes you through a full range of 9 gears. Front and rear Avid mechanical disc brakes will take care of stopping in any conditions and are easy to maintain. Fender and rack mounts let you customize this bike to be a daily commuter or a light tourer. A high end hubset matched with quality rims and Kevlar belted Continental tires will keep you rolling smoother longer. The Weekender’s frame and fork is built around our double butted chromoly tube set complete with bullet proof integrated headset and a one piece machined steer tube fork. This bike is topped off with Odyssey grips, pedals and comfortable FAIRDALE ARCHER handlebars.” at $849 the weekender is a screaming deal!!! So if you want a really cool steel frame bike from a cool company with a BMX background check out fairdale, they are the real deal when it comes to townies and commuters, steel is real!!!



2 thoughts on “company spotlight fairdale bikes part 2

  1. LOL! I like the complicated metal reference! Rush was and still is one of the most groundbreaking bands I have ever heard.

    of course Metallica….without question a anchor in the metal realm.
    I would have thrown in Sevendust and Fear Factory! (two of my fav’s)


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