Till next year seaotter… 2014 recap part 1



Well the years Seaotter classic is in the bag, but boy was it a hoot! Tons of good riding mtb and road! Ill be doing multiple posts bout the cool stuff i checked out this year but this one is about about me. On Sat i took part for the second year in a row in the half fondo a 50 mile out and back mostly coastal ride along the picturesque monterey peninsula, while having not have a lot of time in the saddle the past 6 months i faired pretty well due to the fact that there was a 2000ft climb at the last 2.5 miles of the ride. the ride was a fully supported with fulling stations and mechanics if you needed a quick tune, the weather was a little chilly in the morning being overcast and in the mid 50’s but as soon as i hit a couple climbs i got my blood flowing and a sweat going. This was the longest ride on my scott addict it rode well and climbed like a goat, me on the other hand….



On your marks get set go!!! The century riders were up first to the starting line, 96.4 miles through the carmel valley



Strava kept my ride time perfect and even running pandora i still had 30% battery left


25 miles down and 25 miles to go the aid station was great fully stocked with cliff barf and gels and osmos electrolyte drinks along with bananas and other carb rich delights.



wish i could of snapped more pics but the was a one i managed to get on a quick break whiled checking my drive train, great weather and awesome riding conditions


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