Seaotter Classic 2014 recap part 2



I packed up my VW golf and made the trek all 135 miles from san luis obispo to Laguna seca race way in monterey, one quick stop at target in paso robles to get a sleeping bag, because i forgot mine, i was on the road. The Seaotter classic is a 4 day mountain and road event at the laguna seca race track, along with the cat 1-5 racing they also have 2 grand fondo road rides a 50 and 100 mile and a 30 mile mtb fondo. The event also features a vender area with over 350 venders featuring new and prototype products, and a ton of great deals to be had as well!



With the event being primarily MTB focused most of the venders are showing off the newest and coolest mountain shredders



Like this santa cruz bronson full carbon 6in travel bike with sram xx1 and enve carbon rims and a price tag of over $10,000 this is a beast of a bike with a price tag to match



One of the coolest bikes at the show was from Razik with there super innovative “isotruss” technology it literally made me do a double take a build with high quality parts and a nice wheel set came in at around sub 13lbs. they had some guys racing there that weekend showing them off as well


The rep for Razik had a sample tube to look at and said “throw it on the ground step on it” it was extremely strong and stiff very cool technology from razik




Razik also has plans to release had tail MTB frames and full suspension frames in the next  few months

IMG_1414 IMG_1416IMG_1441IMG_1440IMG_1415IMG_1442

I stopped by the Felt tent to see what they had out to look at, Felt had a couple 2015 already on display as well as a cool cruiser in collaboration with the guys from the tv show american pickers. Felt also had a shimano hydraulic disc build to check out along with new ar and F models. And  really cool new cx bike too, i really like felt and miss my old f75

IMG_1417 IMG_1418 IMG_1420 IMG_1500

Stopping by the Kona bikes tent some one forgot to tell them that 2014 is the year of carbon, but they brought titanium instead and thats ok with me! Kona only brought TI bikes to seaotter with them this year and tequila!!! The first time i passed by the kona tent i was “forced” to have a shot of el jimador and i was totally cool with that in fact pretty much every time i passed the kona booth i received a shot of tequila. Those guys love bikes and love tequila straight out of bellingham wa, Kona bikes is the real deal!!!

IMG_1446 IMG_1445

Stopping by the seasucker booth i spotted a new member in their line up, still a prototype seasucker calls it the scorpion and rightly so! it looks just like one! Not only will it function as a trunk style rack for convertibles it is also went for use as a work stand on the the car! Very cool idea from them, I’ve been using the mini bomber for over a year and a half and i love it, dp your self a favor and check out seasucker and their awesome products!

I have much more seaotter coverage plus some product review from seaotter so look for those on the not to distant future!




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