seaotter Classic 2014 part 3



So its been a hectic few weeks but i want to wrap up my coverage of this years seaotter, above is my newest addition my wheel holder for my seasucker rack, makes traveling distances so much nicer to put the front wheels on top of the car.


Giant had one of the biggest booths at the event this year showcasing all of their MTB and Road bikes, they are one of the best bangs for your buck when it comes to complete bikes, their all mtn trance was quite a nice looking bike i was pretty impressed!




I was really close to buying a tcr advanced 3 and you can see why giant makes some really nice road bikes, the tcr being the race frame, the defy being the more relaxed endurance frame and  the propel the super aero frame thats been turning heads! Giant is one the top bike companies in the world for a reason they make amazing bikes!




Another amazing bike that caught my eye was this DH rig from pivot that weighed in at just over 33 lbs for a dual crown down hill bike that pretty freakin light, they use a lot of carbon on this big for a down hill bike but the guys a pivot say it can take a beating



Next on my list was to check out the scott booth, being a new addict owner i had to go and show some brand loyalty and check out what they bought with them this year to seaotter



Full carbon xx1 drive train, ill take 2 please! scott prides them selves on being bike weight and their MTB  line is no exception these thing are like feathers but can take a beating!Image


The foil just looks fast standing still and those dura ace wheels would sue look nice on my addict!



Give me all the wheels you have please! the zipp booth did not disappoint showing off all its carbon goodness, id love to have a set of zipp wheels on my bike




My last pic for tonight will be from fezzari, if you don’t know who fezzari is you are missing out they are an online direct to consumer bike company the sells bikes from $500-$6500 MTB road and every thing in between, this happens to be an ultegra 11 speed hydraulic disc set up that wasn’t available to the public yet but the had the hook up from shimano and i had to snap a pic and put my tongue back in my mouth because this build was way cool! by being direct to consumer these guys and save you some big money too, all bike are custom fitted to you my a process of measurements they ask you and if the bike dosent fit well return it in like new condition and they will send another. i still have a bunch more pics to post so stay tuned i promise ill won’t make you wait so long this time!!


2 thoughts on “seaotter Classic 2014 part 3

    • thats so early!!! sounds cool though how many miles is the route? if anything i was going to try and make it to the bike swap, i picked up a really cool aluminum giant track frame there last year for 50$ and built up my single speed coffee bike from it, i plan on riding in the slo grand fondo in november

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