gear review esi grips rct wraps bar tape


So i been pretty quiet lately I’ve had a lot of surf going on in my personal life but I’m back now and with a review of an awesome product. Esi grips, which i have been running on my MTB for over a year now have come out with a new product there rct wrap bar tape. The tape comes in multiples colors but i chose black to keep with the stealthy theme of my scott addict. I picked up the tape when i was at the seaotter and got some half price “blemished” tape for 20$ at that price i couldn’t pass it up. the only blemish was a small patch the was slightly discolored not even noticeable if it wasn’t pointed out.

If your not familiar with esi grips they are awesome! Their standard MTB grips are super durable and can be washed and reused over and over. they are very comfortable you can ride them with out gloves, and to clean them just use some rubbing alcohol or acetone and the look brand-new! made of 100% silicone they grip when wet over all and awesome product! So i was pretty excited to hear the came out with bar tape. Their bar tape is made if the same 100% silicone as there MTB grips and since they don’t have any adhesive they can be used over and over, the thickness of the tape determined on how much the tape is stretched so if you want it a little more soft to absorb road vibrations or thinner to look like more traditional tape,

At first impression it seemed bulkier but very comfortable, since I’m still running aluminum bars i decided to go a a bit thicker, after riding about 200 miles so far i really like the performance of the tape, it grips great and really does  absorb road vibrations,i have yet to experiment with it to see if i like it thinner or thicker but as of now its great! The only “compliant” i would say i have is that its a bit bulky around the bottom of the bars where the end plug goes in, but I’m sure i could re wrap it and make it slimmer.



When i bought the grips at the ESI tent  they offered to put them on for free, how could i refuse that offer? The people at ESi tent were great, good customer service and the let me sit and watch as the installed the tape! ESI grips are made right here in hesperia ca, so your supporting a local business and US manufacturing not overseas! go check them out at esi grips website or some california bike events



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