Roadtrip Brotrip 2014….

So I’ve been quiet for the past couple month and a half, i went on an epic road trip from 6/21 to 7/25 with on of my best friends I’ve know for almost 20 years. We went from california (san luis obispo) all the way to Baltimore and then back to seattle. During that time i did get to ride in some pretty cool cities. We rented city bikes in austin tx and nashville tn, and i borrowed a bike in baltimore, seattle and portland! The pacific north west really ives there bikes and i was lucky enough to see the city via a bike saddle. Enjoy some pic from my trip and i hope to be back riding and posting pretty soon, I’m currently in the process of packing and moving (locally thank god) and i dint have a lot for free time for the next few weeks. but my new place will allow me to ride pretty much every where!



We started our trip in LA (san pedro to be exact) where my friend who is a tattoo artist and i was traveling with worked for a couple days, that was half the reason for the trip my friend set up guest spots at various shops across the us where he has clients. we then went to las vegas where stayed for a couple days having fun and being nerds

IMG_2066 IMG_2057


vegas shenanigans, 2$ pbr tallboys on freemont street



Immaculate tatto in meza az, Arron Coleman and the rest of the crew were totally rad








Remembering the Alamo in san antionio, electric tattoo in san antionio tx and the thing roadside attraction in az



Alex was cool enough to host us in San Antonio showing us all the good local eats, go get a tattoo from him at electric tattoo in San Antonio 



Rock of ages home of Steve Byrne and Tony hundal awesome guys and amazing tattooers, austin tattoo company is a rad place to get tattooed, and perfection tattoo if your in austin and want a good tattoo check put these places



good tex mex at chugs! and the have an elvis shrine in the lobby!



really good brunch at the yellow jacket room in austin!


Anvil tattoo in altus ok, brad and his wife were great hosts while we were there such a cool shop!


ELM street tattoo in dallas tx home to oliver peck!


Largest bronze statue in the world tulsa ok, Mr Richard Stell at Pair-o-dice tattoo in tulsa ok, real cool old skool tattooer!


Dukes of Hazzard museum in Nashville tn, a weird and cool place



Fun in nashville and the Willie Nelson museum conveniently located next tot he dukes of hazzard museum!


Cool bike exhibit at the smithsonian in DC, and a submarine in baltimore


what else do you do at the mashing ton monument?!?!



Iowas largest frying pan holds 44 dozen eggs and 240lbs of bacon, corn palace in south dakota waking up and having coffee outside badlands national park. badlands south dakota



More badlands and Wall drug in wall south dakota


Jackalope rides at wall drug and mount rushmore!


Snoqualmie falls out side seattle


Part of the resin for the trip was to see my sister get married, my nephew was the ring bearer 


people park like A-holes in seattle


The chrome industries store in seattle, bought a bag and a wallet but i could of spent thousands here they make the best bags for urban cycling, messenger bas and now panniers along with sod shoes clothing and all sorts of other accessories 


Really cool folk band at pike place market, my fronds ended up knowing the fiddle player and we hung out with them for the afternoon


coffee break after pike place with i had my bike with me


trains are also an interest of mine and my friends we saw some cool ones in seattle 


i had been to seattle before but i never had the chance to go to portland, this town blew me away this is the most bike friendly town i have ever been to! such a great vibe id like to spend more time there


One of the guys at the shop my friend was working at let me use his bike to explore the city and i got a chance to use my new chrome bag as intended!!!


the food carts are amazing in portland i highly recommend checking them out! My new favorite cheap beer old german! pin ball is a serious thing in portland, my fried got to skate burnside after all these years of wanting to!


Roof top views of portland, Filson and shinola bikes teamed up to make this awesome colab! at 2900$ its kinda steep for a city bike, the panniers and bar bag are made by filson and are 600$ for the pair, filson makes some high quality goods! this camera was gifted to me by a random hobo/hippie as i was walking to the train yard with my pentax k-1000, i have yet to shoot iti but it looks like it will take nice pics!

IMG_2632 IMG_2660IMG_2635IMG_2644    

Last stop before heading home red wood national forrest and a little dip in the eel river!


heading through the golden gate to get dinner before heading home!


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