Part 2 seaotter 25th anniversary recap


Touring ad adventure bike were hot at seaotter this year, I was particularly impressed with this offering from KONA bikes, pretty much what you see is what you get, and for $1499.00 you get a lot including a Brooks b17 saddle,  racks, fenders and mechanical disc breaks all on a bullet proof steel frame you have a serious touring bike!

Peddling up hill not your thing? Felt had there pedal assist touring/cargo bike on display and with up to 15 miles of climbing on one charge you have a pretty good range for when your legs get tired!


Jamis came out guns a blazin’ with their carbon  touring adventure bike the renegade. With a price tag of $2300-$4100 they don’t skimp on the parts. The top end elite version features 11 speed ultegra with hydraulic  disc breaks, ritchey bars stem and post this bike come in at 17.75lbs made to be loaded up like a mule like pictures with those nifty balckburn bags on my he frame bars and saddle

Niner didn’t forget about the touring/adventure people either, want ultegra Di2 and hydraulic disc breaks well miner can hook you up for about $5999.99. 

I’ve really been digging these touring/adventure bikes they look really cool and can double as cross/gravel bikes in most cases. Well I’ve only stratched the surface of seaotter so look for more posts coming soon and I’ve also made an Instagram account for my blog as well come visit me there at fbt_cyclist I’ll be posting stuff there quite frequently as well as posting a variety of other bike related content!


2 thoughts on “Part 2 seaotter 25th anniversary recap

  1. Entirely unconvinced of Di2 being even a remotely good idea in a touring bike, having spent some 22 years trundling all over the world on 2 wheels the idea just seems bonkers…aside from the battery charge dependency all it does is introduce unnecessary complexity, fragility and lack of options for dealing with a failure on the road….. In my opinion.

    • Yeah that wouldn’t be my first choice for a dedicated touring bike either, that particular model with the Di2 is $6k, they are marketing it at a racing caliber cyclocross/gravel bike that can be used for touring as well, but not a travel the world kinda bike, I would choose something a bit more traditional like the kona sutra or a surly disc trucker

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