Review- Esi fit cr grips


Today I’m going to review the ESI fit cr grips. I’ve been riding these since i got them installed at the seaotter this past march. Im a big fan of esi products having had both the traditional mtb grips and the bartape on my bikes Having recently picked up a 2014 giant trance sx i did what every bike guy does, start customizing it!

Im a big fan of esi gripsi had the chinky mtb grips on my old specialized enduro and i really liked them a lot. I’ve also been running the RCT tape on my road bike for over a year now and really like it. So i was excited to see that they came out with a new mtb grip, the fit cr.

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 2.23.44 PM

The fit cr is a cool design its contoured in the middle to really lock your hand in the perfect position. No need to look down and see where your hand is on the grip the fit cr does it for you. Keeping a consistent hand position is crucial for racing and esi solved that problem pretty well.


With a 100% silicone construction these grips really last. I also like the fact that they don’t degrade like rubber grips. You can totally ride these bare handed and be comfortable and not have black sticky resude all over your hands. these grips are also washable just a bit of rubbing alcohol on a rag makes them look like new again. The installation takes a bit of elbow grease but once they are one they are locked in place, no lock rings needed!

Ive been riding these grips since mid march and i can’t really find much i don’t like about them, ESI makes great products and make them here in the USA, so you can feel patriotic when your on your bike. So go out and grab a pair at your local bike shop or look for their tent at a cycling event near you, they have some awesome deals at the events they go to and awesome customer service, they are usually my first stop at the seaotter every year and always show me great customer service


Cross country adventure for a cause!



This is my friend Jake, we met while we were going through nursing school together. He ha since moved from San Luis Obispo back home to El Segundo. Jake and I have remained friends over the past few years through our mutual love for cycling. He’s actually responsible for reigniting my passion for cycling. I had never been on a road bike until Jake convinced me to start riding with him so he could train for triathlons, i had rode bmx bikes in my late teen to my mid 20’s and was very involved in the bmx community. Fast forward several years, i hadn’t been on a bike in years and id never been on a road bike, After hunting on craigslist for a couple weeks i found an old specialized allez epic, carbon tubes bonded to aluminum lugs with down tube shifters and 7 speed cassette. It wasn’t long till we became training partners riding several times a week, logging mile after mile and and climbing hill after hill. Like all good things this too came to an end when Jakes girlfriend (now fiancé) graduated from cal poly and was moving back down south to go to grad school.


Jake ended up riding back from San Luis Obispo to El Segundo when he and his girlfriend moved back. While down there he ended up working an office job he didn’t like too much while his girlfriend finished school. During that time he made a deal with her that when she finished school and go a job he could quit his and ride cross country. He had mentioned this to me a while a go but when i was In LA visiting this past winter he told he he got the go ahead from his now fiancé to quit his job and ride cross country. So in just under 2 weeks he will be flying to Boston and from there heading to main to start his epic 100 day journey back to LA.


With the support of his family and friends Jake will be riding to raise awareness for diabetes specifically type 2, Jake was diagnosed with borderline type 2, durning his time at his office job his diet and exercise routine went down hill. This trip is also for him to get back where he was before fitness wise. He’s riding un supported the entire trip. He’s also not going the traditional touring way, he not running panniers going with a frame bag, a stuff sack in the bars and a rear rack with a bag and a hydration pack. Traveling this light he hopes to do 70-80 miles a day, forgoing a traditional camp set up he bringing a hammock tent and small alcohol stove just big enough to boil water for coffee and oatmeal

IMG_4836jake the snake

Modeling his set up after this Jamis renegade he hopes to be a little quicker and more aero on the road than a traditional touring set up. Jake bought a new Kona Jake the snake cx bike and made all his frame bags by hand! Jake also set up an Instagram account so people can follow his progress go follow him at @bike4diabetes he’s also got a gofundme page set up to help offset costs an donate to Tour de cure check it out here, He’s also looking for people who would be willing to host him along the way he has a profile set up with user name is bike4diabetes, or email, or even call or text him if you want!  310-597-6901


Jake is deep in thought about his upcoming trip, Im super stoked for him and wish i could be there with him along the way. I hoping to meet up with him at some point to do a leg of the trip. Be sure to check back periodically as i will be updating his progress and location. Thanks for checking out this post, this by far has been one of my favorite posts I’ve written