Review! Ryders caliber photochromic sunglasses!


One of my favorite booth at the sea otter every year is the Ryders eyewear booth. Those guys are super creative with their booth set ups, this past year was no exception they made a fully functional lighthouse to promote their new line of anti-fog glasses and goggles. While i didn’t pick up a pair of the anti-fog glasses i did get a pair of the photochromic glasses.

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 1.10.02 PM

Ive been riding since i started with a generic pair of interchangeable  glasses i got at a bike swap for $5. They served there purpose but with all the new sunglasses on the market i was looking for something cool. Depending on the weather conditions i will some times bring at least one and some times 2 extra pair lenses if its overcast or dusky, with the photochromic lenses you don’t have to do that any more. Ive been wearing these on my my road and MTB rides and I’ve even played a round of golf in them. They are a great pair of glasses, perfect for my part of california on the coast, it can start off very cool overcast and it will end up being hot and sunny.

If you’re looking for one pair of glasses that you don’t have to switch lenses out for every weather condition i highly recommend the ryders photochromic. They are well made, good price point and look great too! Go check out ryders for their full line up of classes MTB goggles and snow goggles

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