Sunday ride

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Since I got back from my trip to Thailand I’ve been working quite a bit to catch up for all the time i took off and riding opportunities have been scarce. So when a fried and my roommate wanted to go for a ride i jumped at the chance. My roommate is a total cycling noob, he was given a decent bike a scott speedster, by his sister who’s ex-bf left it with her when he moved. He had her ship it from the east coast and i put it back together for him giving him a general fit as best as i could. Its a decent bike aluminum frame carbon fork and tiagra components. He had ridden it around town but nothing more than a few miles.

My other buddy who went with us is my buddy i go mtn biking with, he recently bought a giant hybrid bike to ride on his breaks at work, so he not a total cycling noob but dosent have a lot of road riding experience. We set out for a small ride 16.7 miles looking like a pretty eclectic group of riders, my self being the roadie in full kit and clipless shoes, my mtn bike buddy who was in his baggy mtn bike gear, camel back and riding platform pedals, and my roommate who was in a pair of cycling shorts i gave him which were given new to me, and a lakers jersey and my mtn bike helmet with a visor and platform pedals.

I lead the group on the ride, using cycling hand gestures to motion to road hazards and making turns. We road for about 30 min and took a break at bout the 6.5 mile mark, i usually don’t stop for a rest on my usual ride till the half way point of about 12.5-15 miles, but being the nice guy i am we stopped early to see if they want to head back or keep going. We decided to keep pressing on another 3.5 miles to our destination. we stopped for a rest and snack of a granola and acai bowl.

On the way back i could tell one of my buddys was falling behind, so i would wait for him to catch up at critical points in the ride. We averaged about 14.6mph, I’m usually around 16-16.5, which isn’t to bad for inexperienced riders i was riding with. With both my friends riding the stock seats on their bike they were pretty sore i told them to invest in a seat fitment before they did anything else. To the non-cycling public paying a $100 for a bike seat is ridiculous but they don’t understand that thats the most critical part of their bike, that being said my friends may appointments to get a saddle fitment.

Im petty stoked to have my friends show an interest in cycling and coming to me for advice on bikes and cycling in general, my cycling buddy moved away a while ago and i usually ride solo with a group ride once in a while with the guys from the bike shop. Its nice  to have friends to ride with again, I’m always happy to help out new cyclists get in to the sport i love.


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