Bikes beer beard and tattoos


Hey this is my blog ill be sharing my rides around the central coast of California and reviewing different cycling and some non cycling related products, as well as music and tattoo related stuff as well, oh yeah beer can’t forget beer, so check back every now and the to see what I’m up to!

14 thoughts on “Bikes beer beard and tattoos

  1. Hey FBTC, were you at the California Beer Fest on Saturday 5/24 at Madonna Meadows? I would expect so since A) the Madonna bike path runs right past the place, and B) there was a bit of beer available. I was part of the cleanup crew, too many paper buckets of leftover beer to count!

    • I wish those tickets usually sell out quick, I had some other bikes events at my local shop Flanders in slo, they hosted a bike breakfast on Friday morning and Saturday they had their semi-annual swapmeet, always a good time! Next bike swap usually happens in the fall, they post on Craigslist for it, we will have to get together for a ride sometime!

  2. Time for that ride FBTC. I am planning to meet a cycling buddy in Los Osos Sunday morning 7/20 for some MTB at Montana de Oro. Ping me if you want to join us and I will keep you in the arrangement loop. Jeff D

    • I’d love to but I don’t think I’ll be back in town I’ve been on a road trip for the past 31/2 weeks I’m currently up in Seattle bit I’m headed back to slo on the soon just not sure if I’ll be back in time, if it dosent happen on the 20th we will have to get out and ride soon!

  3. hey , FBTC if you are in flanders for the classics this year leave a message and we go biking in flanders . A fan from flanders Belgium

  4. Hi FBTC – thanks for the follow! Enjoyed looking over your blog, you definitely know your stuff about bikes. Nice to see a blog updated so often too, I never have the time! Good stuff.

  5. Hey FBTC, enjoy reading your blog! How’s the Scott Addict working out? i’m thinking about springing for one myself and was curious about the longest ride you’ve done on it and what the comfort factor rates after some hrs in the saddle. Thx!

    • I personally love it, it a quick lite and fast bike the longest ride I’ve done is the metric century (62 miles) at this past seaotter Classic, that being said my usual ride is about 25 miles, this bike is a more racer geometry but still pretty comfortable I’ve upgraded the wheels to a set of head Belgium rims and chris king hubs and 25c Michelin tires which roll smooth as glass, if shorter rides, 25-35 miles are your target this is a great bike but if you plan on really logging the miles is would recommend a more “comfort” endurance bike like the giant defy or the trek domane are still high performance with great comfort, I really like giant and Scott you get a lot of bang for your buck

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