Eroica time!


Its that time a year again the Eroica is upon us. The 2nd year of the California edition of the Eroica will take place again in Paso Robles CA April 8th-10th, conveniently located 25 min from my house. Last year was a great time, so many great vintage bikes, lots of bianchi’s, colnago’s, Pinerellos, and many more.

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 9.40.54 PM

The Eroica has 4 different rides, The “short” ride is a 39.9 mile ride with 12 miles on unpaved roads with 2200′ of climbing. The medium ride is 73 miles with 18 miles of unpaved road and 5900′ of climbing. The new costal ride is 87.2 miles 25 miles unpaved and 7300′ of climbing. The last ride is heroic ride which is 126.9 miles 36 miles unpaved and just under 10,000′ climbing. Mind you all these rides are being done on pre- 1987 bikes some even from the 50’s and 60’s. I’ve been trying to build a bike this past year but it just didn’t happen, I hope to have a bike put together for next year and ride the short ride.


On a recent trip to my local shop they had on display this amazing vintage Masi with full campy record. This is a restored bike with a new paint job and some re-chroming. This thing was in perfect shape, it had no expense sparred, the chain rings, brakes, down tube shifters and brake levers were all drilled for weight savings. this bike was areal eye catcher! They have been getting all kinds of great bikes around this time for eroica .


Also on the radar is the seaotter which is the weekend after Eroica. This is pretty much my favorite 2 weeks of the year for cycling you get the best of the old and the best of the new in a 2 week span. If you haven’t been to either seaotter or Eroica, i highly encourage you to check it them out, you won’t be disappointed!


Cav’s Cervelo S5…

cav cervelo

Looks like Cav is adjusting well to his new ride taking the over all win at the Tour of Qatar and only missing out on the final sprint victory by millimeters. He’s riding all new gear down to the saddle and it looks like it agrees with him. Those gigantic enve wheels are doing just that making me envy them. Doesn’t look like its slowing him down any. Cav also switched from shimano to speedplay  which it a huge change in its self, when i made the switch to speedpaly their was defiantly a learning curve, shimano is a toe first then heel down engagement while speedplay are a straight down motion if you try and go toe first the cleat won’t engage.

cav win

cav qatar 2

12 February 2016 15th Tour of Qatar Stage 05 : Sealine Beach Resort – Doha Corniche 1st : KRISTOFF Alexander (NOR) Katusha, Leader of the Points Classification 2nd : CAVENDISH Mark (GBR) Dimension Data Photo : Yuzuru SUNADA

But the question is which bike looks better? specialized venge or cervelo s5? Sound off in the comment section which you prefer!


Mark Cavendish's Specialized S-Works Venge

cinelli hobo




So I’ve been kicking around the idea of building a touring bike for sometime now, i was pretty much all sold on the surly long haul trucker until i saw the cinelli hobo when i was down in santa barbra at crankys bikes on state street, they are the only cinelli retailer between LA and SF, and living in san luis obispo half way between the 2 taking a day trip to check out this bike was well worth it.


cinelli hobo

Cinelli came out guns a balzin’ on this one, you really get a lot of bike for the buck! The hobo come stock with tubes front and rear cargo racks as well as front and rear fender and wellgo platform/spd pedalsWhich means that this thing is ready to go out of the box! Just slap on which ever panniers (chrome industries make some cool ones) and some lights and your ready to hit the road and at a price of around $1549 its basically a steal!!


For that price you not only get the legendary cinelli name you also get a Columbus steel frame, the surly LHT uses 4130 chromoly which is a great material but nothing beats Columbus steel tubes in my opinion.



Cinelli really hit the nail on the head with this bike, they paid great attention to details with the spoke chainstay protector to the moleskin hobo journal with embossed logo and hobo symbols on it. With a mix of shimano deore and tiagra parts this is a stout build. weighing in at just under 30lbs its a bit of a beast but if your concerned that much about weight touring is not really for you.



There isn’t much i would do to this bike if i was setting it up for a touring excursion with the exception of adding a brooks B17 or cambium saddle to grind out those miles on. cinelli in my opinion really out did their selves one this one, i have been on a mission for a while to own a cinelli frame and touring bike for some time and this meets both requirements, this will be my next bike purchase for sure, i was hoping to build a bike from the frame up but why mess with perfection this bike is awesome! good news for 2015 the hobo remains unchanged, so go out and pick one up today!!!  click the link to check out the new hobo (cinellibikes)

Another blow to the cycling community…..


The cycling world has been dealt quite a few blows as of late, doping allegations tuned in to confirmations and the people you hold in most high regards fall by the wayside. On monday August 11, 2014 one of the funniest cyclists i can think of took his own life after a long and bitter battle with depression, Robin Williams was 63 when he passed away exactly 30 years older than me. I had the privilege of sharing a birthday with one of the funniest people ever to live. He gave so much joy to so many buy was not able to experience it himself. He was often seen at the amgen tour of california and even was at the finishing stages of the tour de france. He was friends with legends Lance Armstrong and even the great Eddy Merckx was quoted saying “He’s a big cycling fan thats how i know him” “He had a great sense of humor and was a cycling fanatic, He was above all a big friend to Lance Armstrong, But knew me and what i had won, if you are a cycling fanatic you have heard of Merckx. Ive cycled with him a few times over in america”


So as i take a moment to honor on phenomenally funny person with a passion for cycling i also remind you not to take mental health lightly. I love all bicycles but that dosent pay the bills after 8 years as a carpenter i decided to change career paths and go in the the mental heath field. I work as psych nurse in a mental health inpatient and see depression first hand every day. Depression is not something that can be fixed with a pill or two or a session of therapy, it a life long battle that can be managed with constant therapy and in some cases pharmaceuticals. My advice to my readers is that if you know any one with mental health issues please urge them to seek help, it dosent mean that they are “weak” or “crazy” it means that they are sick and need help to deal their issues




Colnago and Cannondale he had good taste thats for sure!




It seemed like he had a smile on his face when ever he was on his bike





In recent airing of the Conan O’brien show he told a story of after he was booted from the tonight show and feeling low, he received a bicycle as a gift from Robin Williams and when he called to thank him he ask if it was ridiculous as he intended it to be being neon orange and green with shamrocks everywhere, Conan said it was the nicest thing anyone has ever doe and no one had bought him a bike since his parents did when he was a boy.




I know from now on when i get in the saddle ill be paying tribute to a very funny man who not only shared a birthday with but shared the passion of cycling. R.I.P Robin Williams 7/21/51 – 8/11/14 gone but never forgotten….




And the winner is……


So after much research and many test rides a decision has been made. I decided to buy a scott addict 10 to replace my felt f-75 that was killed in my car crash. I rode 3 other bikes before deciding on the addict, the bike i almost went with was the giant TCR advanced 3, if it wasn’t for the color (white base with lime green and grey accents) it would have been a different story, another reason i went with the addict is because of the traditional style seat post the TCR  has a seat mast that has to be cut for the person which makes resale quite difficult. bottom line the addict had all the right selling points, clolor- flat black, with match any kit i can ever go with, traditional seat post- makes resale and fitment way easier and price 250 less than the TCR advanced 3. The addict was also the snappiest quickest bike i test rode, every pedal stroke seemed to push you farther than you expect, the addict is an extremely light bike too only 15.6lbs with out pedals. otter bikes i tested were the giant defy. The defy was a very comfortable and stable bike but lacked the snappy quciknees of the addict and the TCR. Although the defy was a great bike to ride it just wasn’t for me. So after debating back and forth between the addict and the TCR i decided to choose the more “practical” choice, and by practical i mean the fact that it would be more desirable,color seat post, if and when i ever do sell it, not any time soon thats for sure!


Not being ever properly fitted for a bike this was a new experience for me, they set it up they way i had my old felt set up, seat height and stem angle and bar position, then had me hop on the trainer and pedal. So Sean took out his laser and angle finder and fine tuned this sweet ride to fit me like a glove. He raised the saddle 2cm and moved it back .5cm this made a huge improvement. After adjusting the bike he had me hop in it again and spin in a few time to see how it felt. Now the addict was fitting me like a glove, i never knew what a huge difference a proper fitting could make till now. I’m excited to see how this bikes rides on my favorite rides and compare times and speeds against my old felt f-75.


While the Addict is pretty much flawless i decided to add a couple upgrades, i decided to go with a whole new pedal system i went with speedplay zero pedals after many rides through the city of stop and go where i was try to hit the pedal after the light was turning green. While these will take some getting used to i think ill like them a lot based on the fact that they are dual sided alone! I’m going to have to ride these for a while and put some miles down before i do a full review but all i can say for now it that the few min in the trainer i liked what i experienced. The other upgrade i made was a pair of Arundel carbon water bottle cages, i was going to uses regular nylon cages on this bike at first but i just couldn’t bare to see non carbon on this bike, at just 30g each these cages are light flexible and really easy to get the bottle in and out, ill also be doing a full review of these as well once i put them to the test. And now a few more pics of my new obsession



Giant bowery frame up build



As you can see the finished product is something I’m quite proud about, this build has been a learning experience for me, this bike came together nicer than I thought it ever could. I started this build a couple months ago after I bought a set of cranks and bars at a bike swapmeet that my local shop hosted. Without any clear direction I began the hunt for a frame.


The bottom pic was how I bought the frame, as bare as could be no decals nothing, I picked up the frame at another bike swap for 50$, I was looking for a steel track frame but fate crossed this polished aluminum beauty across my path and i couldn’t turn it down. The frame is a 55.5 giant bowery track frame, it’s super light weight and has track dropouts perfect for my single speed coffee getter. After buying the frame I came across a pic of a bowery that was built just the way I wanted to do mine so I used it a template for my build that’s the top pic in the above pic.

So after visiting two bike swapmeets I had a frame, a pair of bars, pair of bar end brake levers and the stem and seat from my felt f75. After my swapmeet scores I went to the local bike kitchen to hunt for more parts, I came up on a bottom bracket, seatpost and clamp for 20$ which was a killer deal.

I then wheat up to Sacramento on vacation and was Introduced to their awesome bike scene, I was on the hunt for a few key items, one being a campy chain ring to work with my campy crank and the other being a fork to work with the frame I bought, I ended up finding a few things up there like a generic carbon for for 50$ and a set of brakes for 20$. I ended up having to order a chain ring off eBay for 20$ which fit the campy crank I bought.

Getting close to finishing the build I still needed a wheel set, I had noticed a nice wienman wheel set at my local shop and ask about a price, they said they had been there for a while so they woud give me a killer deal. I wound up getting the wheel set for 165$ which doubled how much I already had In to the bike.


After getting almost all the parts, I was still without a headset, I did a mock assembly to get an idea of how it would look. I was stoked to see it come together so quickly and how nice it was taking shape, but I was still looking for a headset, that’s where I was having problems. The bowery being an integrated headset head tube I needed just the right head set, I had to have the owner of my local shop to contact giant and order a headset directly from them.


With the last piece of the puzzle acquired I set out to start assembly. The bike went together fairly smooth not running in to too many problems


I was super stoked to see it finally start to come together, I bought some Michelin 700×28 whitewall tires to go on the blue anodized rims, which looked awesome. After assembling all I could i took it over to my local shop to get it fine tuned, I took it there to have the bars wrapped and the brake lines installed and they also cut the steer tube down and added spacers on the stem to give it the right height. I spent 70$ to have the brake lines run and the bars wrapped and a tune up to make sure all the bolt were tight.


After seeing the finished product I was really happy how it turned out it was a bit more than I wanted to spend but I came out of it with a totally custom bike. The following is a breakdown of the cost of the bike to build

Bottom bracket-15$
Bars-2$ yes 2$ from a swapmeet
Bar end brake levers-10$
Seatpost clamp-2$
Pedals-free from a good friend
Pedal cages-10$
Brake set-20$
Bar tape and brake lines-35$

Bringing the total to just under 500$ not bad for a fully custom single speed bike with nicer parts. This has been a great build where i have learned a lot. I was stoked with the final product and hope to put a lot of miles on this bike in the future, keep checking back to see what my next build or product review will be. Thanks for taking a look at my blog



Working the kinks out…



So it’s been a couple weeks since I posted, I caught a nasty cold and didnt ride for about a week and a half. So after I got my bike back i put about 50 miles on it, it shifted beautiful and the front end was extremely lighter switching from an aluminum stem and bars to carbon. Not only lighter but the bars and stem absorb a lot of road vibration which is a huge plus!

My only problem i ran in too was I had some chain issues due to switching from a compact to a regular crank, the chain seemed to rub on the small chain ring when I was in my 12 tooth gear. So I took my bike back to my LBS Flanders bikes on slo to have the bike magicians take a look at it.

I was informed that this is a quite common issue and is caused by the chain flexing too much and being over stretched to one side, it happens when either the chain is on the small ring and 12 tooth cog and inversely when it’s on the large chainring and 25 tooth cog. I didn’t notice it too much when I was running the compact crank but it showed up the the standard crank.

With that issue being resolved I can now evaluate how the bike rides after totally switching out the drive train. Going from a compact to a standard gear ratio make it seem like riding a totally new bike.

Before I used to ride in my small ring and usually in the last 2-3 gears, now I’m riding in the middle of the cassette, the bike feels faster on straight aways and down hills but I fell the opposite up hills. I notice the extra teeth in the ring climbing hills not as fast as I was riding the compact, it’s defiantly going to take some getting used to riding the standard ratio but I think it will make me a stronger rider in the end.

All in all the bike rides great and I can’t wait to take it on some longer rides! So with that being said I’m going to be attending the seaotter classic in Monterey CA april 18-21, this is a huge event for mtb, road bikes and cyclocross, and I will be taking part in the 1/2 century on the coast. Ill be reviewing a ton of bike and accessories from the event so stay tuned and check out