Seaotter classic 2016!

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Its that time of year again, time for the Sea Otter classic. Four days and 3 night of all bike fun! If you are not familiar with the  seaotter its the larges bicycle festival in the world! With MTB races, downhill enduro and xc, road races and the first unofficial cross race of the year, and over 300 venders shows off all the new and hot bike stuff you can live with out.


This year I’m switching it up a bit. This is my 4th year of attending the seaotter and every year i have a blast. I did the 60 mile costal fondo the first 2 years and had a great time, minus the 2500′ climb in the last 2.5 miles, but this year ill be doing the 25 miles MTB tour, same amount of climbing but about 40 miles less. I wasn’t planning on riding in the tour this year but I won a weekend pass and an entry to a ride or race from the bicycle times/dirtrag  contest on Instagram and a camelbak KUDU 18 pack. Pretty sweet giveaway, ill be doing a review on the pack in the next few weeks


Im really stoked to see all the new products from all the venders, shimano and sram usually debut new groupsets and most of the bike company have 2017 models on display. You can usually score some pretty sweet deals on parts and clothing too, last year i scored a couple really nice jerseys from an itialian cycling clothing  Pissei for 30$ a pop. I always like going by certain booths to see what new products they have coming out. The guys at ESI grips have always treated me well and I’m stoked to see what new products they have.

Otter veders

If you ever wanted to check it out you won’t be disappointed its 4 solid days of racing and bike fun, over 300 venders and the swag is pretty nice too, hats bottles and socks and anything else you can think of are handed out, i always stock up on the free stuff. Be sure to follow me on instagram (@fbt_cyclist) to see all of the fun I’m having!






Back from the dead! 

So I’ve been a little quiet lately, I took most of the fall and up until a few weeks ago I was in school doing my pre-reqs for nursing school, I already have a vocational nursing license so becoming an RN would be about another year or so of schooling.

So what have a been up to you ask?!? Well I’ve still been on my bike and got to participate in a few cool events this past few months. In November I got to ride side by side with Tour de France 4th place finisher Christian Vande Velde and team BMC rider Peter Stetina who finished 6th in the tour of California whic had a finishing stage 10min from my house!!!

Ian very fortunate to live in such a great area for cycling! Last weekend in Paso Robles ca, about 20 min from me, was the first l’eroica held in the United States there were about 100 pre 1987 bikes one of the oldest ones being from 1898 it had a giant 62 tooth front ring and wood rims, along with all the amazing bikes on display they also had a vintage ride of 30, 60 and 120 miles, the 120 miles course had almost 10k feet of climbing!!! That is way to much and with vintage 5/6 speed cassettes.


Along with all the fun I’ve been having on the road I also was fortunate enough to get a 2014 giant trance sx at a great price just in time for the seaotter that starts this tursday! I’ll be there checking out all the booths along with some sweet races! This is defiantly one of the highlights of my year! if any one plans on going I’ll be camping all weekend and your more than welcome to come by the camp site for a beer! Unfortunately I won’t be riding in the fondo this year due to a knee injury I got snowboarding back in early feb. the knee is doing better but I have only put about 25 miles on it at a time and I’m in sure how it would fare the full 55 of the coastal fondo at the seaotter.

So keep an eye out for more frequent updates to come along with more product reviews on their way!

seaotter Classic 2014 part 3



So its been a hectic few weeks but i want to wrap up my coverage of this years seaotter, above is my newest addition my wheel holder for my seasucker rack, makes traveling distances so much nicer to put the front wheels on top of the car.


Giant had one of the biggest booths at the event this year showcasing all of their MTB and Road bikes, they are one of the best bangs for your buck when it comes to complete bikes, their all mtn trance was quite a nice looking bike i was pretty impressed!




I was really close to buying a tcr advanced 3 and you can see why giant makes some really nice road bikes, the tcr being the race frame, the defy being the more relaxed endurance frame and  the propel the super aero frame thats been turning heads! Giant is one the top bike companies in the world for a reason they make amazing bikes!




Another amazing bike that caught my eye was this DH rig from pivot that weighed in at just over 33 lbs for a dual crown down hill bike that pretty freakin light, they use a lot of carbon on this big for a down hill bike but the guys a pivot say it can take a beating



Next on my list was to check out the scott booth, being a new addict owner i had to go and show some brand loyalty and check out what they bought with them this year to seaotter



Full carbon xx1 drive train, ill take 2 please! scott prides them selves on being bike weight and their MTB  line is no exception these thing are like feathers but can take a beating!Image


The foil just looks fast standing still and those dura ace wheels would sue look nice on my addict!



Give me all the wheels you have please! the zipp booth did not disappoint showing off all its carbon goodness, id love to have a set of zipp wheels on my bike




My last pic for tonight will be from fezzari, if you don’t know who fezzari is you are missing out they are an online direct to consumer bike company the sells bikes from $500-$6500 MTB road and every thing in between, this happens to be an ultegra 11 speed hydraulic disc set up that wasn’t available to the public yet but the had the hook up from shimano and i had to snap a pic and put my tongue back in my mouth because this build was way cool! by being direct to consumer these guys and save you some big money too, all bike are custom fitted to you my a process of measurements they ask you and if the bike dosent fit well return it in like new condition and they will send another. i still have a bunch more pics to post so stay tuned i promise ill won’t make you wait so long this time!!

Seaotter Classic 2014 recap part 2



I packed up my VW golf and made the trek all 135 miles from san luis obispo to Laguna seca race way in monterey, one quick stop at target in paso robles to get a sleeping bag, because i forgot mine, i was on the road. The Seaotter classic is a 4 day mountain and road event at the laguna seca race track, along with the cat 1-5 racing they also have 2 grand fondo road rides a 50 and 100 mile and a 30 mile mtb fondo. The event also features a vender area with over 350 venders featuring new and prototype products, and a ton of great deals to be had as well!



With the event being primarily MTB focused most of the venders are showing off the newest and coolest mountain shredders



Like this santa cruz bronson full carbon 6in travel bike with sram xx1 and enve carbon rims and a price tag of over $10,000 this is a beast of a bike with a price tag to match



One of the coolest bikes at the show was from Razik with there super innovative “isotruss” technology it literally made me do a double take a build with high quality parts and a nice wheel set came in at around sub 13lbs. they had some guys racing there that weekend showing them off as well


The rep for Razik had a sample tube to look at and said “throw it on the ground step on it” it was extremely strong and stiff very cool technology from razik




Razik also has plans to release had tail MTB frames and full suspension frames in the next  few months

IMG_1414 IMG_1416IMG_1441IMG_1440IMG_1415IMG_1442

I stopped by the Felt tent to see what they had out to look at, Felt had a couple 2015 already on display as well as a cool cruiser in collaboration with the guys from the tv show american pickers. Felt also had a shimano hydraulic disc build to check out along with new ar and F models. And  really cool new cx bike too, i really like felt and miss my old f75

IMG_1417 IMG_1418 IMG_1420 IMG_1500

Stopping by the Kona bikes tent some one forgot to tell them that 2014 is the year of carbon, but they brought titanium instead and thats ok with me! Kona only brought TI bikes to seaotter with them this year and tequila!!! The first time i passed by the kona tent i was “forced” to have a shot of el jimador and i was totally cool with that in fact pretty much every time i passed the kona booth i received a shot of tequila. Those guys love bikes and love tequila straight out of bellingham wa, Kona bikes is the real deal!!!

IMG_1446 IMG_1445

Stopping by the seasucker booth i spotted a new member in their line up, still a prototype seasucker calls it the scorpion and rightly so! it looks just like one! Not only will it function as a trunk style rack for convertibles it is also went for use as a work stand on the the car! Very cool idea from them, I’ve been using the mini bomber for over a year and a half and i love it, dp your self a favor and check out seasucker and their awesome products!

I have much more seaotter coverage plus some product review from seaotter so look for those on the not to distant future!



Till next year seaotter… 2014 recap part 1



Well the years Seaotter classic is in the bag, but boy was it a hoot! Tons of good riding mtb and road! Ill be doing multiple posts bout the cool stuff i checked out this year but this one is about about me. On Sat i took part for the second year in a row in the half fondo a 50 mile out and back mostly coastal ride along the picturesque monterey peninsula, while having not have a lot of time in the saddle the past 6 months i faired pretty well due to the fact that there was a 2000ft climb at the last 2.5 miles of the ride. the ride was a fully supported with fulling stations and mechanics if you needed a quick tune, the weather was a little chilly in the morning being overcast and in the mid 50’s but as soon as i hit a couple climbs i got my blood flowing and a sweat going. This was the longest ride on my scott addict it rode well and climbed like a goat, me on the other hand….



On your marks get set go!!! The century riders were up first to the starting line, 96.4 miles through the carmel valley



Strava kept my ride time perfect and even running pandora i still had 30% battery left


25 miles down and 25 miles to go the aid station was great fully stocked with cliff barf and gels and osmos electrolyte drinks along with bananas and other carb rich delights.



wish i could of snapped more pics but the was a one i managed to get on a quick break whiled checking my drive train, great weather and awesome riding conditions

SEAOTTER!!!!!!!! 4/10-13

Ill be attending the seaotter classic all weekend fro thurs 4-10 to sun 4-13 if your headed to the event and want to meet up and hang out stop by my camp site for a beer or a gatorade, its going to be an amazing event. Last year was my first time and i had a blast!



Seaotter Classic preview…


So its Seaotter time again, i will be going again to this years seaotter classic it will be held again at the laguna seca race way in the picturesque monterey ca. Last year was my first time attending the event and it was on of the funnest event I’ve even been to. Over 350 bike and bike related companies will be at the event, there will be riders from all over the world competing in mountain road and cross events this is the largest cycling event on the west coast!!!! I literally had no idea what to expect last year and ivar have been looking forward to this year ever since. I met so ma totally awesome people and got a bunch of schwag that it was totally worth the price of admission and camping. Getting to talk with reps from all major bike companies and even smaller bike company and accessories was super fun! everyone there was was super cool and wanted to talk bikes for as long as you did. i entourage any serious cyclist to make the pilgrimage to this amazing cycling event, I am very fortunate that it almost takes place in my backyard, only a short 2 1/2 hr drive and I’m in lovely monterey, i can’t say how stoked i am for this, if any one following me will be in attendance come by my camp site for a cold beer and some bike talk!


over view of the dirt course


more of the dirt course and vender area, they also had a air bag to jump in to


vender area had some killer deals one what ever you were looking for


spectating can be a contact sport at the seaotter but you get close to the action


the grand fondo takes you 54 miles around the monterey coast and you get to ride on the world famous laguna secs race track!


starting line of the fondo my goal this year is under 4.5 hours, wish me luck!

Sea otter classic 2013 part 1 (holy cow!)



I set off the the 2013 sea otter classic at 6am on Friday the 4/19, I had a quick 2 and 20 min drive to Laguna seca race way, I had no idea what was I store for me. I was invited to this event by a buddy of mine I haven’t seen in a few years Noah, we played in a band together a few years ago and he had noticed I was posting some rides on face book.

I get to campground H at Laguna seca recreational center and I immediately notice that I’m in the minority with my road bike, 90% of the campers were all xc or downhill mountain bikers. I was the odd man out but the guys from one subject made me feel like part of the crew, check out their Facebook and buy a shirt or a truck tailgate rack, all locally made in san Luis obispo with materials made in the USA as well.

As I get registered for the half century grand fondo and get my pit pass to the venders I walk through the gates and immediately get sensory over load! Their were over 300 venders from large bike company’s specialized, giant, trek, and felt, to the smaller company’s BMC, Santa Cruz, and kona. And then there were the super boutique bikes company’s like alaboo and calfee design which incorporated actual bamboo in their frames

Those frames were absolutely amazing.

Another cool booth i came across was these hand made wooden helmets very cool and also very expensive, they are made in Oregon and the woods were sourced locally


Everyone at the booths were more than willing to talk and chat about bikes, I searched for the felt bikes booth eager to show off my budget build, I talked with Eddie of felt bikes and was stoked to see what I had built and for the price and as a reward he gave me a sweet felt bikes shirt. I also spied the felt Argos team bike while I was at their booth

20130421-163353.jpg what i wouldn’t give to have that sweet ride!

I also checked out the sram and shimano booth and picked up some sweet swag, I talked with one of the guys from sram and asked him about my chain issues he gave me a few tips along with a nice sram trucker hat


Half of the fun was getting all the cool swag I managed to get my fair share but the best score of the trip was a pair of Michelin pro 4 endurance tires that were comped to me by Ralph from Michelin along with some Michelin man socks!! Best score of the trip by far, I will be doing a separate review on those in my up coming posts. They came in handy for the half century grand fondo I did, needless to say they have gained a coustomer for life!!!


Well I have a tone more to share so stay tuned, and more product reviews one the horizon! Just want to say thanks to my buddy Noah and all the one subject crew for the invite. I will defiantly be back next year and will be prepared next time for the awesomeness