New product, Nutlock!!!!!


It been a while since i posted, its been hectic with work and life in general. But not hectic enough to post this fantastic piece of bike equipment. I stumbled on to Nutlock via intsagram and i was immediately intrigued. While i have seen other wheel security devices these looked and from what I’ve seen functioned the best. Sleek and durable this product is rad!



Nutlock was crowed funded by kickstarted and received over $60,000 in funding and is class project for 4 USC students. Nutlock claimes to be theft proof against pliers, pipe wrenches, bolt cutters, screw drivers, “gator grip”, bionic wrenches and grenade launchers. This is in my opinion a simple cheap and effective way to secure you wheels in a urban environment. for 25$ you get one set of nut locks and in key and for $39 you get 2 sets for 2 wheels. installation is easy just screw on to you existing quick release axle and tighten down and you good to go! The key is small enough to keep on your key ring and even comes with a bottle opener! So if you live in a high crime area or just want to protect you investment i highly recommend you check out nutlock